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Cleo's Confessional Corner

January 2024, Cleo AI

The Insight: Everybody spends money on things they’re not proud of. Literally everybody.

The Goal: To help people get honest about their biggest obstacle to money management (themselves) and show how Cleo’s AI can help them finally save.

The Logistics: We took over a bakery in New York for 3 days giving away donuts in exchange for app downloads. We offered a free coffee for anyone willing to confess their "most regrettable spends" 

My Role: For this project, I was a key component of the early ideation and planning phases. I created a video marketing plan and executed the filming, editing, and posting. I worked closely with design to create eye-catching graphics that reflected our messaging and maintained our TOV. I managed all content for TikTok, including at contest, hyping up the event week of, and sourcing influencers to participate and increase reach. I ran production for the in house "confessional corner" managing flow of people, and prompting the host with questions off camera. We reached our KPI goals for Impressions, reach and app downloads selling out of our 100 donuts/day within hours!  


Money Main Character

October 2023, Cleo AI

The Idea: This social experiment that not only addresses the increasing financial anxiety among Gen Z but also pits human decision-making against Cleo's advanced AI, sparking a critical conversation about the future of personal finance. Can AI have a transformative impact on daily financial habits or does the consensus of the public mind fare better when it comes to making financial decisions?

The Goal: Go viral. (isn't that always the goal in the end...) To do that we wanted to be one of the first companies to interview and hire someone using TikTok duets. Then, this person would become Cleo's Money Main Character and the public would vote on how they spent their money each day. We'd then compare what the public voted compared to what Cleo's AI money advice would be. 

My Role: This campaign required a lot of communication and planning before the week of voting. I worked closely with product, design, and external activation team. I filmed, edited and posted a viral TikTok interview video that got over 2 million views. We erected our first ever billboard for our company in Williamsburg, encouraging people to download the app and vote. We designed daily gorilla postering to go up each day with the new voting prompt. During the voting week, I ran around New York with our chosen Money Main Character to complete the tasks that were voted on.I worked late nights editing the footage and preparing it to post by the next day. 

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Organics Waste Implementation

June 2023, Athens Services

The Insight: SB 1383 is California's New Climate Action Bill aimed at reducing organics waste. This digital marketing campaign was targeted at the community of West Hollywood, informing them that organics waste is now going to be accepted in their curbside bin.

The Goal: Educate and inform our customers about what this bill means for them in an engaging and friendly way 

My Role: I lead point on directing the video content, managing the content calendar and creating visual assets for social channels.  I created a "persona" to keep all our marketing goals in line. The target audience for this campaign was young middle-class working people between the ages of 22-35. This campaign targeted these folks by following social media trends, using humor, and having a fresh voice. I created visual assets using current trends (dude with a sign) to appeal to our audience. (and yes... It IS possible to direct a photoshoot while dressed as a raccoon in the middle of summer). I directed, scripted, filmed, and edited the YouTube video with a humors "news caster" tone.  The assets for this campaign included a motion graphic video for social, a long form YouTube video, and static images. Using Facebook Ads Manager, we designed a campaign targeted at the West Hollywood neighborhood with A B testing to determine what assets were most successful.


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Recycling Numbers

February 2023, Athens Services

The Insight: A lot of folks think the chasing arrows on the bottom of plastic products are telling you that it is recyclable. This is a common misconception that almost everyone is made to believe through false advertisements. The truth is that each number in the chasing arrow is just telling you what TYPE of plastic something is made of.

The Goal: educate folks on the meaning of each recycling number with engaging and relatable content. 

My Role: For this project, I lead point on conceptualizing the campaign, content creation, and planning the campaign calendar.

This campaign consisted of weekly posts on Instagram for each recycling number (1-7) and weekly Instagram Reels about relevant recycling topics and questions. Posting these simultaneously helped increase engagement using the power of the algorithm. 

1 PET 1.png
1 PET 2.png
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1 PET 1.png
2 HDPE 2.png
1 PET 3.png
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3 PVC 2.png
1 PET 3 (4).png
1 PET 1 (4).png
4 LDPE 2.png
1 PET 3 (4).png
1 PET 1 (6).png
6 PS 2.png
1 PET 3 (7).png
1 PET 1 (7).png
7 OTHER 2.png
1 PET 3 (7).png
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